Federally Employed Women - New Carrollton Chapter


Federally Employed Women (FEW)


FEW is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1968 shortly after government issued Executive Order 11375 which added sex-discrimination to the list of prohibited discrimination within the Federal Government. And, although E.O. 11375 was an important milestone, several women were concerned that the Civil Service Commission and individual agencies would not put forth the vigorous effort necessary to ensure compliance with E.O. 11375. FEW organizers wanted to ensure there would always be an organization dedicated to promoting equality for women, and addressing concerns of women in the Federal workforce. As a result, was established, and for 50 years, it has advocated to improve the status of women employed by the Federal government.

Specifically, National FEW works to end sex discrimination, and towards the advancement of women in federal service by:  

  • Enhancing career opportunities,
  • Providing opportuntes for professional growth,
  • Encouraging diversity and equity in the workplace,
  • Improving the quality of life for women by influencing legislative actions, and
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with organizations to advocate the fair application of laws, policies, procedures and practices. 


The New Carrollton Chapter has provided the following sessions to enhance the personal and professional growth of its members and others:

  • Women's Health Week Awareness
  • Emerging Professionals Networking
  • Smart Social Security Planning for Feds
  • EEO and Diversity Dialogue: Civil Rights Update
  • Treasury Executive Institute Overview/Resources
  • Spotlight on Leadership: Informal Leadership Dialogue
  • Myths and Reality: The Impact of ADHD in the Workplace
  • Springboard to Success: The Power of Networking and Mentoring with a Purpose

We are a diverse group of professionals, and invite you to JOIN US if you are seeking to:

  • Network in a supportive professional environment
  • "Give back" by making an impact on FEW and others
  • Get involved with legislative issues impacting women
  • Further enhance current skills, and/or acquire new ones
  • Align your development plan through volunteer experiences
  • Support FEW's commitment to eliminate sex discrimination
  • Get outside-the-box, meet people, socialize and have fun!!!